I’ve been reading a really great book called The New Rules of Marketing and PR, and have found some innovative information regarding PR image. The book does reference some negative PR stereotypes, but for the most part provides wonderful insight into how to properly manage image by monitoring what is said about your organization on the internet.

It’s really important to consistently monitor blogs that frequently mention your organization, and to employ the use of certain tools/software that look for keywords that relate to your company. When you do discover something that is written about your organization, monitor what is being said, but simply allow the dialogue to flow naturally. If/when the conversation’s tone changes, and negative things are written, be prepared to respond pro-actively, but not aggressively.

There have been many cases in which just a couple of well-written responses completely changed the negative tone back to a positive dialogue. On the other hand, if negative remarks go unaddressed, an organization can seem like it doesn’t care about its consumers, leaving the issues unresolved only to fester into a larger problem.  Actively monitoring blogs and various keywords can help maintain a positive image for your organization and avoid potential problems further down the line.

Reputation management is about being pro-active and immediately addressing any problems that arise. Reputation management is a very important part of maintaining any organization’s positive image.